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1. Nontoxic, No undesirable side effects on human health and ecosystem.
2. No built in resistance can be developed by the targeted pests since this works at molecular level,
attacking the hydrocarbon composition of the pests.
3. It kills the pest, fungi, or bacteria like traditional chemical methods, but safe to human and animals.
4. No concerns over issues related while using traditional pesticides and fungicides.
5. No special storage required as it is not a ‘poison’ like insecticides, pesticides or fungicides.
6. Can be used near to harvesting.


It is a ZERO RESIDUE formulation. Proprietary NANO BLEND made from Organic Extracts of Sugar Cane, Potato, Coconut, Palm, Maize, Soybean, Grains, Herbal Extracts and Tree Saps and Non Chlorinated Water. It contains no Chemical, Petroleum or Synthetic ingredients and it is manufactured from food stock oils and farm product extracts & derivatives where possible. It protects all crops from any pests & diseases due to fungi, bacteria, viruses etc. Safe for human and environment.


1. It is a contact application
2. To be sprayed liberally. For acute infections spray once in a week. Avoid spraying in hot sunlight.
3. Maintain pH of water between 5.5 to 6.5 before adding Agro Safe 2 to 3 ml / ltr of water
4. Can be used for spraying and dipping the seedlings before planting.
5. Can be used by mixing in other chemical pesticides and fungicides, etc.


2 to 3 ml per ltr of water.


1. No fumes, No odor, No skin irritation or burns
2. No masks or gloves required, Safer for human health.
3. 100% bio-degradable, 100% Non-Carcinogenic.
4. Non Mutagenic and hence a long term solution, Disinfectant.
5. Emulsifies the lipid membranes of insects’ cells upon direct fluid contact and eradicates them with
zero ill-effects
6. Breaks up the Pesticide Chains and keeps no toxicity and residues on the crops,
vegetables and fruits.
7. Herbal product certified by “Control Union”, global leader in product certification.

Happy Clients

Dr. Bharat Patole


Asim Shaikh

I have been suffering from adult acne for a while. BVG’s miraculous Acne Medication has solved the problem and balanced my body. Thank you for the lovely product!

Jalindar Solaskar


Abhishek Mahajan

I have been using BVG’s Agro products for more than 3 months now. I have glad to say that my Pomegranate crops have expereinced an amazing growth phase. Thank you BVG!

Nitin Ghadge


Sameer Shokat

I have been feeding BVG products to my cows for 4 months. My cows were not getting pregnant for the longest time but now, they have already delivered twice. I am amazed!

Sunil Bobde


Dr. Anand Pokhre



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