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1 BVG Carbon+ Increases moisture holding capacity of soils.
2 BVG Carbon+ Improves soil tilth & infilteration of compacted soils.
1 Increases cation exchange capacity & chelation of plant nutrients.
2 Improves photosynthesis.
3 Helps to convert unavailable phosphorus in the soil into plant available form.
4 Improves buffering properties of soils.
5 Increases water uptake in high salinity soils by modulating osmotic pressure.
1 Accelerates plant cell division & promotes growth of plants.
2 Stimulates hormonal activity of plants.
3 Stimulates growth & proliferation of soil microorganisms.
4 Aids in photosynthesis.


BVG Carbon+ is derived from naturally occurring hammett rich coals. BVG Carbon+ is an organic biostimulant which improves stress tolerance, increases nutrient efficiency, enhances root & vegetative biomass, & increases crop yields. Humic & Fulvic acids are the active components of soil organic matter, which is a must for maintenance of fertility of soils & growth of all kind of plants.


Perennial Crops : 10 lit per Acre per year
Seasonal Crops : 5 lit per Acre


1. Natural product. No chemicals.
2. Increases – organic carbon there by enhances yield & quality of crops, vegetables & fruits.
3. Can create vegetation in saline and poor soils also.

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Dr. Bharat Patole


Asim Shaikh

I have been suffering from adult acne for a while. BVG’s miraculous Acne Medication has solved the problem and balanced my body. Thank you for the lovely product!

Jalindar Solaskar


Abhishek Mahajan

I have been using BVG’s Agro products for more than 3 months now. I have glad to say that my Pomegranate crops have expereinced an amazing growth phase. Thank you BVG!

Nitin Ghadge


Sameer Shokat

I have been feeding BVG products to my cows for 4 months. My cows were not getting pregnant for the longest time but now, they have already delivered twice. I am amazed!

Sunil Bobde


Dr. Anand Pokhre



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