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1. PROM increases the number and activity of micro-organisms in soil which increases the fertility of the soil
and thereby yield is increased.
2. It makes soil soft and enriched with nutrients for longer time.
3. Supplies phosphorus to the second crop planted in the treated area as efficiently as for the first crop.
4. Due to organic manure presence, leaching and runoff of nutrients with water is prevented.
5. Research reports indicate that the crop can withstand diseases. Also harvest is tasty and nutritious.
6. PROM is very effective as phosphatic fertilizer even in saline soils.
7. Enhances the growth of soil micro-organisms that assist the dissolution of Potassium either applied to
the soil or naturally present in the soil
8. Plays important role in improvement of crops such as wheat, rice, sugarcane, potato, soybean, tur, mug,
jawar, groundnut, pea, vegetables, grams, flowers, fruits & medicinal plants etc.


Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM) is a green chemistry phosphate fertilizer, a value-added product produced by co-compositing various organic wastes with high grade rock phosphate in fine size. It contains minimum 10.4% phosphorus in readily available form to the plants. If checked with plant available nutrient value, it is cheaper than any other chemical phosphatic fertilizer .


1. Apply full dose as basel dose for small duration crops.
2. For sugarcane give half dose as basel and remaining half at earthing up.
3. For fruit crops,half dose as basel for and remaining half after 2-3 months with other fertilizers.
4. Mix thoroughly in soil.


Apply 400 kg / acre for 4 months crop & 1200 kg / acre for 12 months crop.
Apply at the time of last ploughing and in the presence of sufficient moisture in the soil.


1. Prom increases availability of phosphorus to plant & increases the activity of micro-organisms in soil. It is eco-friendly & natural product.
2. By the use of PROM we can decrease the use of phosphatic chemical fertilizers. It can be mixed with any fertilizers & pesticides.
3. Contains 3 main important inputs –
a. min 10.4% Phosphorous
b. 7.9% organic carbon
c. 0.4% nitrogen;

The C:N ratio is more than 20:1.

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I have been using BVG’s Agro products for more than 3 months now. I have glad to say that my Pomegranate crops have expereinced an amazing growth phase. Thank you BVG!

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I have been feeding BVG products to my cows for 4 months. My cows were not getting pregnant for the longest time but now, they have already delivered twice. I am amazed!

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