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1. This sprayer is an ideal partner for spraying costly pesticides.
2. Reduces cost of spraying material, labour and time required for spraying.
3. Best suited and beneficial for spraying high cost pesticides, biofertilisers and water soluble chemical
fertilisers etc. as saves in quantity to be sprayed.


BVG Spray Pump is specially design sprayer for agricultural purposes. We can use it for accurate and effective spraying continuously for long time. This Sprayer is being preferred by the farmers as the most durable, efficient, & labour saving. Due to highest quality features at optimum cost, these sprayers are ery much popular in farmers.


1. It is suitable for spraying vegetable fields, orchids of fruit crops etc.


The sprayer is equipped with positive displacement plunger pump, 20 litre capacity tank, long
delivery hose, spray gun & spray lance.
1 The four stroke engine reduces the operating cost approximately half with less time as compaired.
2 BVG Spray Pump is light weight & still very powerful sprayer.
3 Spray lance & spray gun are supplied with sprayer.
4 Heavy duty brass piston pump.
5 Ultra-Light weight, unbreakable, and waterproof compact construction.
6 Supplied with 31.0 cc, 4 stroke engine.
7 Engine produces high torque for better field operations.
8 Efficient port configuration and large diameter valves maximize the power output.
9 Ergonomic Backpack design having back cushion and adjustable belts for easy & fatigueless
professional operations.

Happy Clients

Dr. Bharat Patole


Asim Shaikh

I have been suffering from adult acne for a while. BVG’s miraculous Acne Medication has solved the problem and balanced my body. Thank you for the lovely product!

Jalindar Solaskar


Abhishek Mahajan

I have been using BVG’s Agro products for more than 3 months now. I have glad to say that my Pomegranate crops have expereinced an amazing growth phase. Thank you BVG!

Nitin Ghadge


Sameer Shokat

I have been feeding BVG products to my cows for 4 months. My cows were not getting pregnant for the longest time but now, they have already delivered twice. I am amazed!

Sunil Bobde


Dr. Anand Pokhre



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